Ekin Onat was born in 1976 in Istanbul and had her education in classical ballet. She started working in plastic arts in 2006, focusing early on conceptual art and installations, which she deemed most fit to allow her working with a vast range of different materials and giving her unrestricted possibilities of expression.

Her work draws from constant self-reflection - nourished by her feminist as well socialist tainted ethical ideas - on the sociopolitical frame conditions, nurtured by a conservative and clerical mindset of the political elite that friction with today’s modern Turkish society. She analyzes the reverberations of this rift on society as a whole and sheds light on the suffocating consequences for individuals that are either crushed or singled out due to their believes, gender or race.

Selected Exhibitions
2016 “Big Deal No 7” - Q Park Soho, London
2016 “Cutlog” - Hotel Particulier / Paris Photo, Paris
2016 “Missio Sanguinis” – Unpainted Lab 3.0, New Media Art Fair, Munich
2015 “ Acceptance” – Schneidertempel Gallery, Istanbul
2015 “I Have a Story” – National Gallery, Podgorica
2015 “I Have a Story” – FAB, Tirana
2014 “My Silence Has a Reason” - Merhart Gallery, Istanbul
2014 Contemporary Istanbul, Lütfü Kırdar ICEC, Istanbul
2014 “Stranger” - Forum für Kunst, Heidelberg
2013 “Vertigo” - Merhart Gallery, Istanbul
2013 Unpainted, New Media Art Fair, Munich
2013 “Face of Time” - Merhart Gallery, Istanbul
2013 “I Love You More Than Art” - EkavArt Gallery, Istanbul
2013 “Attention, Woman!” - Onatca Art Gallery, Adana
2012 “Face of Time” - Baku Biennale, Baku
2012 “Three Generations of Contemporary Turkish Art” - UPSD Istanbul
2011 “The 30th Contemporary Artists Istanbul Exhibition” - Akbank Art, Istanbul
2011 “Museum Exhibition” - Muzeul Municipiului Bucuresti, Bucarest
2011 “30th Anniversary, Association of Painting and Sculpture Museum” - Akbank Art, Istanbul
2011 “Reload” - Mustafa Kemal Center, Istanbul
2010 “Young/Fresh/Different” - CDA Projects, Istanbul
2009 “Contemporary Art Fair 09” - Lütfü Kirdar ICEC, Istanbul
2009 “No Need To Migrate” - Caddebostan Culture Centrum, Istanbul
2009 “Letters Project” - Geneva
2008 “The Bride to Peace, Pippa Bacca” - UPSD, Istanbul
2007 Swedish-Turkish Friendship Association, Stockholm

2010 “ A view thru women’s eyes” - Anadolu Hayat Insurance, Istanbul (II. Award)

From Collections
2014 Murat Ülker, İstanbul (TR)
2013 Andra Spallart, Salzburg (AU)
2013 Bernegg Foundation, Kreuzlingen (CH)
2012 Ulrich Geiwitz, Ulm (GE)
2011 Werner Schneider, Neu-Ulm (GE)